High Quality Teaching Aids for Tourism Education

In tourism and travel education, educators are often looking for a quick description and visualisation of a certain concept. Concepts like types of travelers, destination characteristics a.s.o. On this site you find them all together, so you won’t lose valuable time searching.

The concepts are based on the ‘Tourism System’ (a concept in itself!). The Tourism System arranges them in a logical order. Do  you miss a certain concept? Please let Edutour know and we will add it! This is the meaning for a site for and by educators!

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About Edutour

Edutour was founded in 1989 by Magiel Venema, senior lecturer at the Breda University of Applied Sciences (formerly known as the NHTV) from the Netherlands. He authored many trourism textbooks (most of them in Dutch). Magiel was the chairperson of Geotero, the Dutch society of travel and tourism educators.




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