Appetizers? In a Flipped Classroom?

When introducing a new subject in a course, an appetizer to wet the student's interest is a helpful teaching aid.
Also, in a 'Flipped Classroom' situation, you can use it as a first impression of the new subject .

The 'Flipped Classroom' is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.

Normally, students are first confronted with the (printed) textbook, followed by lectures, accompanying Power Points and/or videos. In a Flipped Classroom, there is first an introduction with a short video or Power Point, and then a (virtual) textbook. In a virtual textbook, students receive links to internet sites (your own or existing ones) where the subject is explained. The in-class time is devoted to assignments, exercises, projects and/or discussions.

Edutour's Power Points are available for several subjects. They are fully adaptable and contain links to sites where the full information about the topic can be found.

The Power Points are generic: they can be used alongside most introductory textbooks. Where relevant and possible, hyperlinks are included for direct access to websites, remarks, videos, YouTube, extra's, e-mail, etc.

Edutour was founded in 1989 by Magiel Venema. He was, until retirement, a senior lecturer at BUAS (Breda University of Applied Sciences - The Netherlands). He is author of some widely used textbooks about travel and tourism. He conducted Train-the-Trainer projects in, among others, Poland, Hungary, Macau, Cuba, USA and Suriname. Until recently he was a Tourism Vocational Education expert with PUM, a Dutch development NGO, with missions to Rwanda, Turkey, Russia and Indonesia.

A preview of the Power Point of 'The Tourism System' is, on request, available for free, please contact Edutour by e-mail. 


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